The Business Hour Podcast

The Business hour is a weekly podcast which includes; interviews, news of events, workshops, seminars and great music too.

Does HR leave you confused about what is the right thing to do?

HR can be confusing. Have you ever taken an action with the right intention, only to find out the action has actually made things worse? Where do you go to ask questions such as: Can I contact a member of staff when they are off sick? Maybe you have even more questions? Well, help is at hand. In this podcast, I talk with HR Specialist Emma Armytage about HR Mastermind. Enjoy the podcast with Emma to dispel some of the myths around HR and how HR Mastermind helps remove the confusion around HR.

How important are terms and conditions?

In this 13 minute podcast, I talk with Michael Long from MJL Law about the importance of getting the terms and conditions in place that is correct for your business. Micheal shares some valuable information in this podcast. If you are just starting off in business or a well-established business this is well worth a listen.

60% of people in the UK don’t have one of these.

60% of people don't have a will. Over half (60%) of UK adults don't have a will, according to research from Unbiased.co.uk. This is an all-time high, passing the previous peak in 2011. Over 31 million now run the risk of dying intestate and having their estate distributed solely according to intestacy law. In this podcast, I am joined by Tony Carter from the Legacy Studio. Tony shares some great information about the importance of having a will.

The Art of Storytelling -The Business Hour 117

In today's podcast I talk with Nick Bramley about his latest masterclass in partnership with Make It York. The masterclass is all about The Art of Storytelling & Audience Inspiration. Every business manager, leader or customer facing professional needs to inspire their audience.Public speaking is recognised as one of the top 3 "fears". This workshop will look at public speaking and smaller audience engagement such as internal team meetings, customer meetings, and sales pitches. Nick shares some great information in today's podcast.

In conversation with Nicola Buckley – The Business Hour 116

In today's podcast: I enjoy a Cappucino moment with Nicola Buckley. Nicola helps stressed and overwhelmed female business leaders rediscover happiness and fulfilment. Nicola talks with me about the work she does and shares her own inspirational story. Business Growth Specialist Stuart Wright joins me to share another great tip to help your business be a success. Plus news of events in London & Birmingham. Including the biggest business exhibition in Europe. Enjoy the podcast.

In conversation with Michael Heppell-The Business Hour 115

In today's podcast: I enjoy a Cappucino moment with the best selling author, inspirational speaker, success coach and customer expert Michael Heppell With honesty and humour, Michael shares his inspirational story and how he became an overnight success!!!! (Now there is a bit of humour) Listen out for some great tips from Michael in this podcast. Business Growth Specialist joins me to share another great tip to help you enjoy business success. Enjoy the podcast.