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In today’s podcast:

I am joined by Linkedin Specialist Judy Parsons for the second in the series of making Linkedin work for you.
In part one I talked with Judy about setting up your profile and how to post correctly.
Today we talk about what next!!!!!
Enjoy the interview with Judy.

Does running a business leave you anxious?

  • Do you have no idea where your next sale is coming from?
    Even though you’re working evenings and weekends to keep things going?
  • Do your clients tell you your too expensive?
    Yet others in your sector seem to get away with charging more?
  • Is your business taking over your life?
    Does work-life balance seem like a thing of the past?

If you answer yes to any of these questions check out today’s interview with Baz (Rahoul Baruah)
from Client Robot.
Baz is a certified Profit First Professional, trained to help you manage your cashflow and build a business that gives you the life you want.

Business Growth Specialist Stuart Wright joins me to share more top tips to help you and your business grow.

Plus news of events, workshops and seminars.

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Enjoy the podcast.