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In todays podcast:

I talk with Nick Bramley about his latest masterclass in partnership with Make It York.
The masterclass is all about The Art of Storytelling & Audience Inspiration.
Every business manager, leader or customer facing professional needs to inspire their audience.Public speaking is recognised as one of the top 3 “fears”. This workshop will look at public speaking and smaller audience engagement such as internal team meetings, customer meetings and sales pitches.
Nick shares some great information in today’s podcast.

There is a great book by Dr Wayne W. Dyer called Stop The Excuses.
In the book Dr Dyer lists a number of excuses which use to avoid making a change.
These include, I am to young, I am to old.

Listen out for another great business tip from Global Award Winner Business Growth Specialist Stuart Wright.

And finally.
News of events in York and London.

Enjoy the podcast.

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